Narendra Modi - corrupt mouse who roars, PART 2

IAC (India Against Corruption) stands, unequivocally, for India's territorial integrity and for a LARGER INDIA ('Akhand Bharat')

Dear Mr. Venkatraman

I shall address all the points in your email. If I have left out any, inadvertently, please flag them

Firstly, let me say that I am not a stranger to weapons technologies. For eg. in my early days as an engineer I worked on aspects of firing control systems for a navy ship, and later hydraulics of the Arjun Main Battle Tank then worked on reverse engineering Russian spare parts for MiGs.

2) Since you are from Chennai, I cite the Hindu dt. Sep. 25, 2016 "Rafale deal welcome but fleet small: Experts"

Their "experts" agree that the deal "seems to have been guided more by "political prudence than operational requirements."

Decoded this represents the 'bania' bean counting approach from PMO / MoD babus which has strangled the operational capabilities of our armed forces.

Since IAC stands, unequivocally, for India's territorial integrity and for a LARGER INDIA ('Akhand Bharat') I was shocked at the PM's public statements that henceforth war with Pakistan would be fought economically through better schools and health and not through a fitting military response at the appropriate time / place of our army's choosing. IAC is not at all like Kejriwal or Prashant Bhushan asking for referendums in J&K after forces are withdrawn and I am shocked you are clubbing us with them.

If anyone is apeing Kejriwal it is Mr. Modi and not IAC. Mr. Modi is a politician appealing to vote banks. IAC has no such considerations when we write. It is the limited SUCCESS of AAP in Delhi on schools and health and water delivery which is causing Mr. Modi's party so much angst in crucial border states like Punjab at poll time.

In any case, if there is any controversy on who propped up Kejriwal, let me say unequivocally, that it was Mr. Ajit Doval and friends since at least 2010 and they continue to control him.

Doval's rogue network (although in retrospect 'network of rogues' is a better descriptor) comprises also a vast network of so-called Hindu militant / pseudo-nationalist fringe persons and failed police officers ultimately owing loyalty to the United States of America. Their gameplan is to convert India into a partner in the USA's war on terror, in other words, India is to replace Pakistan in the USA's scheme of things.

IAC also stands unequivocally for INDIA FIRST. IAC shall always oppose India's being a puppet state of any imperialist power.

It is crystal clear that the Government of India will engage in a war, limited or unlimited, with Pakistan in the near future - and certainly within Mr. Modi's present term. IAC has therefore publicly questioned the KNEE JERK reaction of MoD in desperately contacting foreign arms suppliers asking for vast off-the-shelf purchases in great haste recently. As per my sources, which are as good as Mr. Doval's, Rosoboronexport is inundated with inquiries in last week. Same goes for all the former Soviet states which have manufacturing capacity.

So let IAC ask 1 question, and I dare you Mr. Venkatraman to answer it.

Who was the corrupt US sponsored CIA puppet in Modi sarkar cabinet who effectively imposed CUSTOMS DUTY on ARMAMENT IMPORTS by Govt. wef 2015-16 by withdrawing vital customs duty exemptions ?

Previously, MoD / Forces did not have to pay Customs duty on their imports. After these CBEC changes, contracted armaments started arriving at docks and were standing in the open for months because no corresponding budgetary provision had been made for payment of the customs duty. The situation became so grave that shipments were being turned back on the high seas. All this happened between Feb 2016 and May 2016. Do you wish to dispute this Mr. Venkatraman ? Should I name the Minister ? Because I stand by this statement, and what is known to me (a common citizen) is obviously known also to Pakis who were quick to exploit the situation and our lack of operational readiness, I am alleging corruption.

Several loopholes still exist, for eg. Supplier A ships arms, 10% of which are defective and need to be replaced. Because of this new customs duty situation, supplier A will not easly accept the defective goods back to replace it because they will not bear double customs duty. There was a fierce tussle going on over this (unreported), but Mr. Parrikar unfortunately is a lightweight and ultimately our forces are bleeding because of such nonsense.

There is also apparently a fundamental principle known as "vicarious liability" which the BJP spokesperson Mr. Sambit Patra explained when I appeared with him on Arnab's show on 15th Sept. Simply put this means if there is any corrupt decision by the BJP cabinet then Mr. Modi is responsible for it.

Now to the facts of the RAFALE deal.

As the Hindu says, the French Airforce purchased their planes at 55 million Euros each. In comparison ours are to cost Euro 225 million each. ie. about 4.1x times more. Do the maths yourself. So either I am wrong or 'The Hindu' is wrong with their figures.

So kindly explain, Mr. Venkatraman how I am wrong when I say that India is buying the Rafales at 4 times the cost to their own French airforce.

If you want I can decode for you Air Marshal Matheswaran's observations about customisations and tweaks. BUT, I am sure that the 6,000 IESM's on this channel can do it better for you.

So, let us put the nation first and politics last, and focus on our mission to fight corruption by exposing such scandals irrespective of which party has committed them. There is no abusive word being used. We are very careful when we write.


On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 1:54 PM, Venkatraman Ns wrote:

It is disgusting to receive such write ups where abusive and vituperative language such as corrupt mouse, rogue network etc. have been freely used., without responsible journalism. .

Rafael deal has been under negotiation for several years and not decided suddenly. It appears that anyone can write anything and get away with it in this country today.

With person like Kejriwal being in the scene, people are already losing faith in the so called anti corruption crusaders. Let those who claim that they are fighting against corruption stop using simply abusive language but substantiate their allegations in responsible manner. . Otherwise, they would be doing great disservice to anti corruption movement.


Narendra Modi - corrupt mouse who roars

Narendra Modi - corrupt mouse who roars

After viewing Modi's speech to his party cadres, I was reminded of the 1960's satirical movie 'The Mouse that Roared' (Peter Sellers) about a 2 bit impoverished nation which declares war on the United States hoping to lose and get foreign aid, and I am not referring to Pakistan :-)

Frankly, Modi at Kozikhode looked like an 80-Year-old Amitabh Bachhan trying to reprise his Zanjeer days. Those same tired recycled Salim Javed dialogues interspersed with twits from Hindustan ki Kasam and Haqeeqat have fooled nobody outside the BJP, and least of all IAC, no matter how Modi's paid news channels hail his 'strategic restraint'.

Simply put, strategic restraint means that previous BJP disasters like Operation Parakram cannot be repeated, and Modi has wisely avoided that trap due to his compulsions, However, the world knows, even if irresponsible BJP cadres don't, that India's capacity to fight has been severely eroded under successive Congi and NDA govts. Our ordinances, armouries and reserves are severely depleted and troops and police exhausted by side duties and poor inputs.

As I write, frantic calls are being made from MoD offices to all the arms dealers everywhere essentially saying 'Tell us what you have available for delivery right now'. This is a golden opportunity for the world to dump all their expired stocks on us at any price they demand. The nation is being looted through this war hysteria fabricated by Doval and his rogue network - which unfortunately contains many misguided retired forces chiefs and other Gro├čer Generalstab (traitors) in it.

For instance, why the great hurry for signing this 36 plane Rafael deal, a roundly criticised classic case of too little too late for the IAF, at this time ? Why is India buying these planes at 4 times the cost they are sold to the French Airforce ? Normally, in the arms business, it is common to export at below price to outsiders to keep domestic production going. This clearly shows that there are still kickbacks of at least 500% in this deal.

Mark our words Mr. Modi : This BJP Govt is shaping up to be even more corrupt than the Congress was, and all the fake jingoism and manufactured Bharat Mata ki Jai crap to your BJP cadres, and hiding behind national secrecy, is not going to stop our saying so.

PS: Everyday Doval remains is reaffirmation that Modi & Co. are corrupt.


India Against Corruption movement, team

India Against Corruption movement, team

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Tragically, the initial successes of the India Against Corruption campaign were soon lost, hit by a series of high profile scandals and exits of leaders from the campaign, the last announced on 3 August 2012 when the IAC campaign's lead figurehead Arvind Kejriwal (along with his charismatic deputy Anna Hazare) were eased out by IAC's owners the reclusive IAC head quarters (IAC-HQ) or HRA.[6]

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