Why INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION disassociated from Anna Hazare - PART 1 of 20

Why INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION disassociated from Anna Hazare - PART 1 of 20

IAC SERIES: The reasons why INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION disassociated from Anna Hazare. PART 1 of 20.

Anna Hazare's Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Trust was fully exposed by conclusions of Supreme Court Judge - P.B. Sawant - as an anti-social goonda force. Incidentally the Sawant Committee was constituted on Hazare's own complaint.

" ... (xxii) Some of the workers in the Andolan were abusing the platform of the Andolan for anti-social activities, such as extortion of money, blackmailing, grabbing the properties of others, harassment, goondaism, corruption etc. Although Shri Hajare denied that some of them were his workers, he could not deny that the others at least were his own workers. These acts on their part were clearly criminal.

When the complaints were made against some of them, Shri Hajare did not care to investigate them, and when he did inquire into some of them, he only had his own workers without calling the complainants for the inquiry. This was unjust and irregular and amounted to patent maladministration of the andolan. It only shows that he did not take care to keep control over the anti-social forces, which his Andolan had released

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