Is Anna Hazare anti-national ?

Is Anna Hazare anti-national ?

Is Anna Hazare another anti-national traitor who wants to cede J&K to Pakistan and China ?.

Many people believe that Anna Hazare is not a patriotic Gandhian, but is actually an anti-national closely associated with RSS.

The answer to the question is evident from the foreign financed traitors Anna Hazare associates with.

On 5-April 2011, the IAC HQ formally complained to the Delhi Police about the anti-national and seditionist activities of Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi, who on 5-April-2011 had participated in a motor cavalcade draping the Indian Tricolor in a disrespectful manner in a vehicle displaying a map with incorrect boundaries of India, ie. ceding the Aksai Chin to China and other parts of India to Pakistan.

On 7th-April 2011 the Special Commissioner of Police, (Vigilance) Delhi Police took cognisance of the IAC HQ’s complaint of the anti-national activities by Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi which took place in full view of Delhi Police officers without their arrest (Dr. Kiran Bedi is a retired senior Police officer) and began a vigilance enquiry under the Joint Commissioner (Vigilance) of Delhi Police.

Photo evidence was gathered by IAC co-founder and General Secretary Mr. Veeresh Malik.

"If you try to break my nation we will break your head" - Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena -

It is pertinent to mention that Mr. Anna Haazre was travelling that day in a vehicle provided by an RSS worker from Mundka. All the organisations associated with Anna Hazare's arrangements that day in Delhi are foreign financed anti-national bodies who publicly declare they support ceding J&K state to India's enemies through repealing special laws, withdrawing police and army. [link], [link]

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Author: India Against Corruption

India Against Corruption ("IAC") is a people's organisation affiliated to the Hindustan Republican Association which was founded on 3 October,1924 at Kanpur (United Provinces). It is today one of the secular "public" faces of the HRA movement.